OUT OF THE SHADOWS - Making the Invisible, Visible through ART

a new body of work by Richmond Futch,Jr. 2018 ART EXHIBITION

An Illustration of Spirit

The concept of the work is to capture the spirit of our homeless culture using a palette and feeling inspired by each separate and distinct personality and individual backstory.

They all come from different backgrounds and journeys. One was an artist, another a theater director. Another a navy veteran, and yet another a Long Island socialite. They are all of us. 

By illustrating our common humanity using color, texture and design to awaken the viewer to consider how alike we are despite their challenges of poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and mental illness we will create a powerful exhibition of their portraits. We hope to use the visual arts as a healing instrument and to acknowledge and uplift those that live in the shadows of our communities by making the invisible visible through art.


Making the Invisible, Visible through Art

Friday, October 26, 2018 6PM-9PM


Light Refreshments will be served

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Revelation Rochester | RocCityART Studios

274 N.Goodman Street D312 Third Floor | Village Gate | Neighborhood of the Arts Rochester, New York 14607
Entrance B ( Red Canopy) Back Parking Lot

Out of the Shadows - Making the Invisible, Visible through ART

 "I want everyone to see the people beyond the tents. I want them to not only look at the tent but through the tent. To see the beauty in the homeless, not the chaos. By painting Tent City at the Fence, I hope to document the neighborhood that the homeless have called home through all seasons. A home and a community that will soon disappear." ~ Richmond Futch, Jr.

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What's Your Story?

 Tent City at the Fence Mixed Media 40x30

Tent City at the Fence
Mixed Media