Revelation Artists Work on Exhibit at the Hungerford

A few of the pieces completed during a Revelation Rochester – “Revealing the Artist Within” workshop were recently exhibited at Metro Justice at 1115 East Main Street at the Hungerford Building.  Capitalizing on the long standing First Friday art scene, Metro Justice contacted Artistic Director, Richmond Futch, Jr. with a request to show some of the artists’ work from the workshops on First Friday, Feb. 2.  Each with their own personal favorite, visitors and staff alike commented on the life and energy the work introduced to the workspace.By adding the vibrant color and rich concepts to their walls, Metro Justice not only provided a nod to those that created the work but also another reason to visit their offices and learn of their mission to bring social and economic justice to the homeless and marginalized.  In the end, the framed artwork added more than color to their office space, it added humanity.   Thank you, Metro Justice, for inviting us to share in your story.

Pastel and Marker on 18x24 Paper Revelation Artist: Crystal L. 

Pastel and Marker on 18x24 Paper
Revelation Artist: Crystal L.